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Being based in Lincolnshire, we are one of the leading spray specialists in Shop Front Paint Spraying Lincolnshire and use some of the finest spraying equipment. However, we even extend our services to other places like Grantham, Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire. Our services include on-site spray painting for both commercial and residential buildings, and also kitchen painting and kitchen refurbs. Of course, the final result definitely enhances the aesthetics of your home..

We have a huge clientele who have been extremely satisfied with our work including the ones with kitchen cabinet make over. We believe in bringing a smile on the face of every customer.

Kaleidacoat Limited specialise in the following:

Kaleidacoat Limited is one of the oldest paint spraying service providers in the United Kingdom and has its presence in the industry for over 20 years. Here, we believe in first-class service, right from the stage where we get the query to the completion of the painting and kitchen refurb tasks.

That said, our services are always best-in-class due to the excellent equipment we use. We use top-notch spray equipment and other machinery to ensure that the final output is always great and the work delivered is on point, every time.

We use different spraying techniques, be it air-less, electrostatic or HVLP. This is done based on the type of spray surface to deliver maximum efficiency with a long-lasting finish.


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There are many reasons why you should consider Kaleidacoat Limited to do the spray painting job for your home. Firstly, we use the finest spraying equipment to ensure the best result. Secondly, we use different spray techniques based on the target areas. The different techniques we use are airless, electrostatic and High-Volume-Low-Pressure.

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